Alma Media School

An Alma Foundation Initiative

Visiting Luminaries

Luminaries and ‘Achievers par excellence’ from all fields of society including media, law, governance, finance, history, economics, entertainment, theater, etc., are invited to Alma Super Media School as speakers and guest lecturers for an in-depth dialogue and discussions with students. This aims to provide the students an exposure to the par excellence talents of our society and learn from their valuable experiences.

Hameed Palya

Chief Editor – Raj News, Senior News Anchor, Political Analyst.

Jaya Prakash Shetty

Senior News Anchor, Suvarna News 24/7.

k c raghu

K C Raghu

 Food Expert, Historian and Political Analyst.

KN Ganesh

K N Ganeshaiah


Lavanya Ballal

 Former RJ, Congress Spokesperson.

Nagaraj Vasate

Nagaraj Vastare

Writer – Architect.

Nagaraja SP

N Nagaraj

  Superintendent of Police (Rtd).


Prakruthi Banavasi

Media and English Language.

Pawan Kumar

Pavan Kumar

Film Maker –Theatre person.

Ravi Hegde

Ravi Hegde

Editor in Chief, Kannada Prabha.

Rehman Hassan

Senior News Anchor, Actor (Bigg Boss Contestant).

Somanna Machimada

Senior Reporter, News Anchor – FirstNewsChannel.


Swaroop Murgod

Senior Production Person.

Vasanth Shetty

Kannada Writer and Columnist.


Vishweshwar Bhat

Editor in Chief, Vishwavani.


Yogesh Master

Writer – Director.

Zafar Mohiyuddin

Zafar Mohiyuddin

Theatre person –Dubbing Artist.

Society is the Syllabus, Achievers are the Teachers – The mantra of Alma Media School