Alma Media School

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Alma Media School

Alma Media School, an initiative of Alma Foundation, was established by the renowned news media personality and film director-actor Gaurish Akki. Initially the media school that was started with short term courses in News Anchoring and Radio-Jockeying (RJing), the encouraging responses from people led to successful completion of three news anchoring batches and one RJing batch. A new short-term course in Acting got lined up. In the days to come, Alma Foundation aims to offer more unique training programs in media and other specialized fields.

The Post-Graduate Diploma and Diploma Courses in Modern News Practices are such new endeavors of Alma Media School, meant for the aspiring journalists.

Alma Foundation

Alma Foundation, an educational and charitable trust is founded by renowned news media personality and film director-actor Gaurish Akki and his wife Malati Gaurish. The foundation was established to enable people in various special career fields including media, to provide educational courses and skill-training programs, as well as to offer coaching capsules that enhance the quality of individuals’ lives.

 Through Alma Foundation, Malati Gaurish has initiated successful skill-development training programs in tailoring, beautician, and related activities, especially for women. Presently, Malati Gaurish is designing a short term course in Fashion Designing for women. These courses are being held at Alma premises, Kengeri , Near Hoysala circle, Bangalore.



Journalist, television news anchor, film director, and actor, Gaurish Akki is a well-known name in Kannada media. Native of Koppal district, Karnataka, Gaurish Akki started his career as a lecturer but soon moved to the area of his passion, media. He has the distinction of working with many known news media houses – ETV Kannada, TV9, Suvarna 24/7, Suddi TV, and Kasturi News. He has donned several roles: voice-over artist, copy editor, bulletin producer, program producer, and news anchor. He has the pride to have been part of the founding team of TV9.

He is the recipient of several awards and recognition like Government of Karnataka’s Karnataka Madhyama Academy Annual Award 2007 as Best News Presenter, Cable Varthe Magazine’s Best Interviewer 2008, as well as Rotary Vocational Excellence 2009. He has also started his journey in film industry as actor, director, and writer.

In 2018, with nearly two decades of media experience, Gaurish forayed into training media professionals in various arenas of media through his organization Alma Media School. He has developed training modules for media roles such as news presenter, radio-jockey, voice-over artist, etc. These Post-graduate Diploma and Diploma courses in Modern News Practices are his next effort to train efficient journalists who will contribute to a constructive society.


"Society is the Syllabus, Achievers are the Teachers ".

The mantra of Alma Super Media School